Asleep at the Wheel  in the latest issue of Better Than Starbucks

Sonnet 44 [Fragments Of A Graphic Novel]

Page   22:  Pregnant with child, looped on acid, she stepped cautiously into the Lucky Bar.
Page   56:  "You call this love Manny? To me it feels like a dope deal gone bad."
Page   60:  Dottie was equally blunt, "don't do it, Jeannie," as she pulled away in her car.
Page   74:  He didn't like people from the past. To Joe it was just digging up the dead.
Page   97:  Would she meet him at the station? He didn't know. And he didn't care.
Page 103:  Manny kept a roll of hundreds in a box under the bar next to a loaded Glock 44.
Page 139:  "Yeah, Joe just blew in from Hialeah. He says he really made a score down there."
Page 151:  The sofa was falling apart, but what the hell, "Just a place to sleep, nothing more."
Page 160:  "Look Jeannie, this time we're going to do it my way, so don't even ask."
Page 172:  The rain fell into the headlights of cars like the illuminated bullets of a city in tears.
Page 198:  "I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut. Now hand me the cash!"
Page 210:  There's nothing ironic about an empty 44. Joe was dead. The money was theirs.
Page 229:  Manny took one last look at Jeannie before she disappeared into the night.
Page 230:  She was all Queens Boulevard without the streets, the cars or the light.

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