Asleep at the Wheel  in the latest issue of Better Than Starbucks

Raised In A Tightrope Walking Family You'd Think I'd Know A Little

something [about falling] you get an unobstructed view
something [about faith] my feet on my father's shoulders
something [about rules] when they say don't look down they mean it
something [about performing] I'm only an employee
something [about crowds] they're just eyes looking up
something [about music] never listen to the drum roll
something [about distance] the further you go the smaller you get
something [about slipping] you'll know it before you know it
something [about time] there's no going back even going backwards
something [about balance] holding my sister's earnest hands
something [about gravity] it's a two way street
something [about disappointment] missing my mother's arms
something [about magic] it never quite escapes the laws of nature
something [about letting go] there's never enough net
something [about mass] only the weightless never fall
something [about going down] it doesn't last forever

Henry Crawford, from American Software