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The Fruits of Famine - Epidaurus

Henry Crawford raads his award winning poem, The Fruits of Famine at the ancient Greek theater at Epidaurus.

Binary Planet

Binary Planet is Henry Crawford's second collecton of poems. It is an innovative collection of poems exploring the infinity of worlds between   1 and 0. It is the planet of politics, love, computer programming, auto insurance, pro wrestling, black holes, the meaning of snow, cowboys and farmers, sex and its discontents, David Foster Wallace, The Twilight Zone, video games, the 22nd Century, pinball, artificial intelligence, climate change, J.S. Bach, server rooms, Vietnam and a night at a 1950’s drive-in.


The Word Works (2020)





American Software

Life as now experienced is largely organized, viewed and communicated using the language of computer systems. In American Software, Henry Crawford has created an original work reflecting the multi-layered, symbol-rich syntax of computer code with its abruptness and flow in order to explore work, family, culture, politics, war and death in contemporary America.

"American Software by Henry Crawford tackles a lot of America’s societal issues in an automated world — the disconnect between people, the death penalty, wonder, and the pull between life and death..." Savvy Verse & Wit

Poems from the book


CW Books (2017)


102 pages



The poems in their genius are composed with a language that could not be otherwise, as precise as it is individualized, the outcome being a careful transcription of our lives as they really are, as well as an unforgettable and deeply moving artistic accomplishment of the highest order.

David Keplinger
David Keplinger The Most Natural Thing

The human condition weighs heavily in these exceptionally well-crafted poems that explore American history, pop culture, sci-fi...everything about the book — organization, layout, cover, and especially the individual poems—rises to an impressive level of mastery.

Karren Alenier
Karren Alenier Scene4 Magazine

Mr. Crawford's poems are inventive, uniquely well-crafted and felt...In the poem When [Box] Met <Diamond> Mr. Crawford ingeniously intertwines a dialog within the poem. This is hard to accomplish successfully, but he carries it off while also contributing to the dialog on the art of poetry.

Edward Nobles
Edward Nobles Through One Tear: Poems

Crawford’s work is gloriously original and heartbreakingly truthful...his is a luminous collection where the poet takes big chances interspersing mechanical detail, like mental notes, within the line...Crawford has a canny ability to get into the psyche of personalities.

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