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Black Hole Ekphrastic

The Ekphrastic Review

Three for the Road

Terror House Magazine

Four Poems
Otolith, Issue 53, Southern Autumn, 2019


Asleep at the Wheel
Better Than Starbucks, March 2019 Issue

Better Than Starbucks

Driving Across a Bridge
Into the Void, January 2019 Issue

Into the Void

The MetaKiller
December 2018 Issue, page 26

Scryptic Magazine of Alternative Art

Windows & Secrets
Finalist 2018 Slippery Elm Journal Multimedia Poetry Contest

Slippery Elm Literary Journal

Bot, David Foster Wallace and Seven Traffic Lights

Terror House Magazine

Sketch of a Poem in 10 Broken Lines


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Game [On]

The Metaworker

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7 Disappearing Words

Lummox 7

Walt Whitman Ekphrastic

Mannequin Haus

A Non-Combatants' Vietnam

Better Than Starbucks!

And Now a Word From the Management

Scryptic Magazine, 1.4, March 2018

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Taking the Fall


Taking the Fall

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Brain Imaging

Whimperbang: January, 2018

Brain Imaging

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The Sonnosphere

Olentangy Review: Winter, 2017

Olentangy Review

The Sonnosphere [Fragments of a Sci-Fi Space Epic]

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HAL 9000

What made a good computer go bad? Here's HAL's story a year before the Jupiter launch.

HAL 9000

It Does Kind of Burn. Goodbye.

The last words of Jose Villegas before being put to death by lethal injection by the State of Texas on April 16, 2014.

Verse Daily

Orange and Red on Red

An ekphrastic poem drawn from a masterpiece of abstract expressionism by Mark Rothko.

Ekphrastic Review
Black Computer Keyboard

Santa Clara Server Room

Two computer programers seaching a database for a box gone missing in the South China Sea.

Wild Age Press

One Minute Forty-Five of the First Round

An ekphrastic moment at the intersection of violence and art.

Ekphrastic Review
City of Washington

The City of Washington

Two poems showing our town as a city of change in post-war 1948 and in the midst of reconstruction in 1873.

District Lit

Every Morning, Maddie

A parent. A daughter. Addiction.

Mothers Always Write

One Afternoon in the American Civil War

A dying soldier speaks to us from the past.

Verse Daily

Remembering 100 Years of the First World War

War, Literature & the Arts

Scryptic Magazine

Scryptic Magazine