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My Thoughts and Prayers Are With You

Do not say my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Do not say it was God's plan.

Do not say he has gone to a better place, to a Higher Calling.

Do not say it was her time to go.

Do not say it was a blessing it was fast.

Do not say call me if you need anything.

Do not say I know how you feel.  I lost my grandmother.

Put your arms around me.

Let me cry.  And cry.  

Cry with me until there are no more tears.

Come back tomorrow.  Cry again.

Write to me, tell me about
  the fish you caught   the games you played
   his stupid jokes     her happy smile
Share your loss.  What he meant to you.

Fill my house with your laughter.  With hydrangeas.   

Bake chocolate chip cookies for me. Make me eat them.

Call.  Call again. Walk with me by the River.

Do not forget me.  

Do not say my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Do not. Do not.

- Betsy Holleman