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final reunion dinner
once each year for some
beloved relatives
  1. three children
    1. son
    2. daughter
    3. son
  2. de facto daughter-in-law
  3. two grandchildren
    1. granddaughter
    2. grandson
  4. mother-in-law
  5. father-in-law
  6. sister-in law
  7. brother-in-law
  8. niece
  9. nephew
  10. self
  11. another sister-in-law, not at this dinner
only room for eight at table
#10 sits on couch with mushroom tetrazzini & wine
#6 texts, #9 talks without need for answer as he plays video game
#2 holds #3 (a & b) to task of eating
#1 (c) out of commission with a fever
#4 chats briefly with #10 before switching connection to #6
#6 proves she can chat while texting
table talk question:  what wife of famous movie star attended family wedding
#10 knows (lola redford, wife of robert), and moves to table
as soon as #10 sits at table #7 starts to text, joining #1 (b)
after several minutes #10 leaves table to pour more wine
#3 (a & b) have found i-pads and games
#1 (a) and #7, now on couch, watch a kindle presentation of a stand-up routine
#8 curls next to #10 and searches for games on 8-year-old cell phone
#5 is legally blind at 92 and sits and stares silently
#9 brings a kindle to #10 to watch an animated poetry reading
#10 can't hear the poem, even turning his hearing aids up
earlier in the day #10 and #11 discussed writing poetry
now dinner is over and it is soon time to depart
see you next year
what a great time