Four Men Carrying a Table up a Small Staircase at Typishly

Germs Burns
Majda Gama

Outside the club
                 streetlamps are halos above us
The shadows grottoes
                 where we crouch or stretch
On leather jackets.
                 Bull has a bracelet stamped out
Onto her wrist. I want the trinity;
                 each burn from a man
I burn for. Mike Society
                 is first. I place my palm
In his, his eyes
                 look hesitant don't hesitate
As he lights
                 a cigarette then lowers it
To my wrist.
                 The heat of the cherry
As it nears,
                 singes hair, touches skin
In a precise burn.
                 My hand bucks
Nerve endings jump, even
                 through the liquor
That lubricates them.
                 Respect flares in the eyes
Of the gathered.
                 I take his hand in mine
Light a cigarette;
                 this is forever;
The red-hot eye fades
                 to sour silver within a week.

Kurt Cobain [1994]
Henry Crawford

I came in after midnight
I drove all night to get here
I am shaky
I lit up a cigarette
I got a Coke from the machine
I am reeling with dope
I am feeling the glow behind the dials
I let myself in

[With the lights out, it's less dangerous]

I have no microphone
I sing to myself
I sing in sheets of sharpened glass
I hear the words between my temples
I look out the control booth
I see a city burning in the controls

[Here we are now, entertain us]

I asked my agent
I asked how many more days
I am looking out the moving bus
I stammer in the mirror
I am waking up in strange places
I shared too much
I shared too little
I think "my needs are getting out of hand"

[I feel stupid and contagious]

I've had some bad nights
I've looked out across an empty arena
I've lost my place in the song
I woke up in the Mississippi plains
I walked into a house lit up
I saw Blind Lemon strumming in the kitchen
I saw Muddy staring at me in the hallway

[Here we are now, entertain us]

I am an outsider to myself
I have no senses to come to
I am the inside living without
I'm a voice too hard to hear
I want to be straight [a mulatto]
I want to be drunk [an albino]
I want to show you [a mosquito]
I want to hide you [my libido]
I am empty [yeah]
I am full [yeah]
I'm [denial]